A Letter From Renee

I remember being a young girl and going into work with my father, a chef, on the weekends. He taught me how to set up the dining room, making sure that the utensils were in the right spots and the napkins were folded in the perfect triangle. Each setting had butter that was shaped like a small flower and sugar for coffee. There were colored dots on any plate where someone may have been diabetic. I’ll never forget the first time that I saw an ice luge shaped like an Eagle in the freezer.

Fast forward to now, I am the proud owner of The Queen’s Cups, a gourmet scratch bakery that was born in my parents’ kitchen in the early fall of 2011. Through the Queen’s Cups, I have been able to continue that love for small detail and design, just like when I was a little girl on Saturday morning with my dad. Over the years, we have catered and design hundreds of birthdays, showers and weddings. The joy that being a part of someone’s special day is the best feeling.

Times are different in 2020 and it has been the perfect opportunity for me to take my love of design and details and start a new business, Diazsta Designs. I have many reasons for starting this business, but the most important reason is that I believe the world is moving in the direction of having small, intimate gatherings. We may never see a one-hundred-and-fifty-person wedding again but that is not going to stop people from marrying the love of their life. When I got married in April 2018, my husband and I surprised thirty of our closest friends and family at the BBQ restaurant where we met each other. We focused on the small details of the two of us, our favorite food, our favorite people, our favorite place. In the grand scheme of things, this is what matters at the end of the day.

After my wedding, many people told me they envied what we did. From that moment on, I took pride in hosting events at my house for my friends, even if it was just dinner. I always make sure that there’s enough to eat and our home has their favorite drinks or food. In the past, I have orchestrated larger parties, like my housewarming and surprise birthday party for my mom and dad. But, during COVID-19, I shifted my focus to safely plan small events for friends and family. I had a Rosé Soiree for two of my friends fortieth birthday, a Tupac themed thirtieth birthday party and a congratulatory surprise party for my sister-in-law who was named one of the top five interior designers in New England. Each party was different and curated to represent each person in the best way possible, while keeping the gatherings small, intimate and safe.

I have an obsession with creating a cohesive and thoughtful get togethers. I love planning and designing how the table will look, sparkled with beautiful fresh or dried floral arrangements in the center of a beautiful tablescape. I take pride in knowing what delights my guests, whether it’s a small version of their favorite plant or a chilled shot of Patron. Whatever I can do to make someone feel special is what I will do. I’ve even gone as far as having lawn signs and stickers made of my guest of honors faces!

Things may have changed but I have pivoted my mind to understand that through everything that surrounds us, what has remained the most important is the love we have for our friends and family. Gone are the days of inviting people to a special occasion because we felt we had to. What is going to stay is the love for small celebrations and making them as special as possible.

Life has a funny way of sneaking back up on us…. From the days twenty years ago when I would be floating through a large dining room tidying up napkins and pushing chairs in with my dad. I’d love to share this with you and help you plan your next get together.


Renee Diaz